The 1st International Conference on Civil Engineering, Architecture & Urban Regeneration

The 1st International Conference on Civil Engineering, Architecture & Urban Regeneration

The 1st International Conference on Civil Engineering, Architecture & Urban Regeneration

Poster of The 1st International Conference on Civil Engineering, Architecture & Urban Regeneration

The 1st International Conference on Civil Engineering, Architecture & Urban Regeneration In date 2019-09-13 by in Tehran was held. please refer to the following link to download all the papers of conference proceedings: مجموعه مقالات The 1st International Conference on Civil Engineering, Architecture & Urban Regeneration

Considering the importance of science and technology in today's world, there is a need for scientific work in its various dimensions globally, the field of civil engineering, architecture and urbanization is one of the main fields of science production in Iran and the world.Human always seeks shelter since his creature. As human civilization established, the issues on creating road and paths were raised gradually. Having passed the primary stages of survival and reduced the human’s dependence to nature relatively and increased the social connection among people and characteristics of current urban societies, the instability among human, natural environment and artificial environment was established and encounters the current civil society with problems such as environmental, social, cultural, managerial, economic and anatomical. New approaches in civil, architecture and urbanization are focused on new approaches to human, architecture and urbanization and its common paradigms are society against individual, ethics against benefits, and quality against quantity.  In this regard, thought in urban development patterns needs binding development in an anatomical area named as city which covers an aspect on development process which is shaped in favor of variables related to urban living. Upon ever-increasing growth of human and establishing structural revolutions in style of living, the mechanisms changed such that nowadays human became a master architect in shaping urban landscape. Sustainable city is resulted from development process which provides the mentality and possibility for permanent promotion of social health, ecological economy of city and region and converts such mentality and possibility to reality and action. Civil, architecture and urban development are important subjects in current era, so along with reaching urban sustainable development, it is necessary to provide conditions to provide the possibility of grounding in civil and architectural areas. Civil and development is inevitable issue which cannot be avoided. According to statistics by Iran Statistics Center, Iran urban population has increased for about 26 times in past 90 years while rural population has been increased for 3 times. What is known is that the motion toward development will be reached when there are scientific and practical infrastructures, the universities, engineering organizations and other executive organs are guarantor and executive of establishing such infrastructures.

The 1st International Conference on Civil Engineering, Architecture & Urban Regeneration will bring a wide range of scholars and experts to discuss new research and discoveries in related areas.

The Executive Committee intends to present this conference with the aim of presenting and presenting the latest research and applied experience in various areas of urban civilization, architecture and urban redevelopment, the exchange of information between elites, academic professors and specialists, the presentation of the latest methods and processes for improving and Increasing the efficiency of this specialized field and introducing the research of Iran and the world in the world and examining the scientific challenges and their implementation in all geographical areas, at local, national, regional and international levels, on 13th September 2018, at the International Imam Khomeini Conference Center , Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences.

In this regard, the Scientific and Executive Committee of the Conference invites all professors, researchers and executives to present their papers, which contain the latest scientific and research achievements in the main conferences or related fields, individually or in partnership send to the conference.

Conference Topics

1- Civil engineering:

Management of construction and execution

Concrete technology

Numerical methods in civil engineering

Road and transportation

Geotechniques and mine

Hydraulics and water resources


Tunnel engineering for urban areas

Surveying, geodesy and geomatic

New technology in constructional materials and building industrialization

Ethics, challenges and values in civil engineering

Safety, crisis management, passive defense in civil

Computer and artificial intelligence in civil engineering

Application of engineering geology in civil and geophysics in dam construction

GIS systems focusing on their application in civil engineering

Destruction engineering in building industry

Fundamentals and principles of destruction engineering, management and supervising on destruction


2- Architectural:

Sustainable architecture

Architecture and urban identity

Role of architecture in accessing sustainable construction

Architectural aspects and traditional and Islamic urban development in region

New energies in architecture

Architectural stylistic

New Methods and technologies in architecture

Urban graphics and street architecture

Effect of climate on local and sustainable architecture

Local architectural patterns

Effect of ecological materials on sustainable architecture

Architectural concept and contemporary urban development

Effect of technological revolutions on architecture

Sustainable architecture and intelligent buildings

Architecture, changing climate and manner of energy consumption

Energy planning in architectural plans focusing on sustainable architecture

Landscaping, ecology and aesthetics in architecture


3. Urban redevelopment:

Evaluation of Urban Recreation Concepts and Needs in Neighborhoods and Urban Recreation Objectives
Urban Regeneration Experiences in Promoting Quality of Life
Undergraduate experiences of urban regeneration in order to promote social, economic and institutional capabilities.
Good urban governance experiences of urban regeneration policies
Experiences of the citizenship rights of vulnerable groups
Experience of resettlement of habitats exposed to natural and human disasters
Cities Historical Areas
Mediocre zones
Urban areas with rural background
Informal settlements
Improvement, renovation and rehabilitation experiences
Experience in developing and equipping urban and community scale superstructure and facilities
Improvement and Improvement of the Network of Urban and Local Facilities and Development of Urban Spaces
Capacity Building


4- Structural engineering, earthquakes and seismic rehabilitation:

Underground structures

Value engineering

Water resources engineering, hydraulic and marine structures

Form coordination of structure and architecture

Urban development and using local and new materials in structures

Dynamics of structures and seismic retrofitting

Non-building and industrial structures

Seismic troubleshooting of structures and methods of rehabilitation and retrofitting of structures

Analyzing and innovation in designing concrete and steel structures

Application of new technologies (seismic separator, dampers, etc.) in seismic rehabilitation of structures

Retrofitting and rehabilitation in urban structures

Rehabilitation of vital artery systems, buildings and bridges

Structure safety in underground mines

Retrofitting structures against fire and architectural approaches expression

Effect of earthquake on space structures, masonry structures and special structures


5- Urban planning, management and design:

Regional and urban planning

Urban anatomic planning

Urban rights

Urban management

Urban design

Management of urban projects

Application of new technologies in urban development

Partnership in urban affairs

Crisis management

Urban facades

Urban tourism

Urban rehabilitation and renovation

Effects of new construction technologies on urban textures


6- Traffic engineering, transportation and urban infrastructures:

Vital arteries and urban transportation

Sustainable development and transportation

Technical building and urban installations

Pavement (road, railway, airport and port)

Intelligent transportation systems

Transportation planning and urban development

Water, wastewater and urban infrastructures

Geometrical pathways Design

Transportation systems, sustainability of transportation in metropolises

Traffic engineering and transportation planning

Safety of transportation, traffic and risk

Management of transportation systems

Traffic training and culture creating

Public transportation, transportation economy

Integrated management and regulations and laws in traffic

Non-motorized transportation


7- Environmental engineering and urban environment:

Green space and urban environment

Cities and environment management system

Urbanism and its environmental effects

Environmental problems of metropolises

Environmental effects of civil plans and urban development in cities

Principles of engineering and controlling environment pollutants in cities

Environment management and sustainable development of cities

Assessing environmental effects and environment engineering in citied

Urban transportation, its environmental effects and approaches

Application of new technologies in refining and removing environment pollutants

Urban ecology, green city and mechanism of clean development

Waste management in cities

Urban wastewater and its treatment

Industrial developments and approaches for reducing their effects

Effects and analytical methods of environmental effects of projects in cities

Ecological consistency, coordination of development with environment

Safety, health and urban environment

Urban design, landscape rehabilitation and environment


8- Urban development engineering :

Patterns and indices of sustainable urban development

Distressed areas and unofficial settlements (challenges and approaches)

Natural disasters and its effects on sustainable development of cities

New urban development and sustainable development

Experiences on sustainable urban development in world and Iran

National and regional policies and sustainable urban development

Geography and urban and rural sustainable development

City instability and effective factors

Recognizing barriers, limitation and indices of sustainable urban development

Application of new technologies in urban development

Worthy governing and public partnership in sustainable urban development

Developing tourism industry for urban sustainable development

New cities and sustainable development of city


9- Sustainable urban landscape and development:

Sustainability and urban landscape

Definition, concepts and theoretical fundamentals of urban landscape

Planning and management of urban landscape

Domestic and foreign experiences in urban landscape

Effective factors of urban face and landscape

Pathology of urban landscape

Landscape of Islamic cities and Iran cities

Natural landscape of city and traditional and new cities

Urban landscape, social issues and collective memories

Symbols, signs, visual arts and urban landscape

Urban Landscape of distressed and historical areas

Urban landscape of renovation textures

Criteria and guidelines of landscape and urban symbols


10- Restoration of historical works and contexts:

Historical contexts

Rehabilitation of historical works

Urban renovation

Reconstruction of historical context


11- Culture, Sociology and urban Psychology:

Citizen and citizenship rights

Urbanism culture and interaction in urban space

Local cultures and city

Environmental psychology

Cultural interaction and urban anatomy

Culture and urban development

Social-cultural sustainability in city

Culture and urban transportation

Culture and urban geography

Management and urban culture

Culture crystallization in urban face and landscape

Role of cultural institutionalization in urbanism

Culture, identity and urban landscape


12- Management of risk and crisis and approaches for establishing comprehensive crisis management:

Natural dangers and disaster risk reduction (DRR)

Lost rings in executive cycle of disaster reduction management (DRM)

Differences among crisis management, contrastive management, management of urgent conditions and rehabilitation management

Empowering and capacity making of searching, debris and rescuer teams

Public partnership and capacity making, climatic changes and challenges of crisis management

Approaches and necessities of establishing comprehensive crisis management system

Role of decision-making data, information, techniques, tools and systems in disaster intelligent management

EWS Emergency warning system, RES events quick evaluation system

Resilience in national, urban and rural dimensions and promoting national resilience and cities resilience (MCR)

Planning, preparation, and practical approaches for business continuation (BCM)

Risk transfer to third bodies (insurances)

Crisis management in health and treatment systems

Designing and establishing HICS and HEICS systems

Accepted papers in The 1st International Conference on Civil Engineering, Architecture & Urban Regeneration